This journey began with my oldest son, Damian. When he was born, I wrote and recorded some songs for him. I called the collection of songs, My Personal Music. Damian was about 8 months old when I finished it. When I played it for him, he perked up and crawled over to the speakers where he hear the music playing. I was amazed at the effect that it had on him.

More recently, my wife and I had another baby boy. He is nine years younger than our youngest daughter. He is the crankiest baby we’ve had yet. I made a copy of My Personal Music for him with his name in it. We’ve discovered that he calms down almost immediately when we play the music for him.

Sounds of the Night was a followup to My Personal Music. I recently overhauled the album and added a new song to it. My nine-year-old daughter, Cheyenne, gone to sleep listening to it every night for the past eleven months.

Recently, I came across some personalized children’s books that I thought would be fun to add to our small collection of personalized products. You can browse through them in our personalized book page. We’ll be adding more personalized books soon.

We’ll also be adding some other children’s music beginning January 2021. My daughter, Cheyenne, has been helping me with the project. She wrote a song a couple of years ago called, Come and Play. That and other fun songs will soon be available on this website.

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Go To Sleep // My Personal Music
  1. Go To Sleep // My Personal Music
  2. Christopher’s Song // My Personal Music
  3. Christopher Is His Name // My Personal Music
  4. Splash Splash Splash // My Personal Music
  5. A Baby Was Born // My Personal Music