Android Download Instructions

The best music player I have found for Android is the (free) Audify Music Player:

Once you've downloaded the music player from the App store, scan the QR Code in your booklet. If your phone or tablet doesn't have a QR code reader you can download one free from the App store.

When your code reader captures your code, you will see a screen like this. Tap on the “Open Link” button:

When the file is done downloading you may see a screen like this that asks if you want to open the file. Skip this.

Close the download window and swipe up to locate the files icon. Then tap on the “Files” icon:

Tap “Internal Storage” to access the file:

Tap on “Downloads”:

Tap the three vertical dots, then tap “Move to”:

Tap “Internal Storage” at the bottom of the screen:

Tap on the “Music” folder icon:

Tap the “Move Here” button at the bottom:

Tap the zip folder icon containing the music files, then tap “Extract” at the bottom:

Check the “Delete ZIP file” box, then tap “Done”:

Return to the Homescreen and tap on the Music Player:

Tap the “Albums” button at the bottom of the screen:

Your personalized music album is ready to play: