iPhone Download Instructions

Unfortunately, you cannot download music directly to your iPhone or iPad and import it into the native music player. Apple only allows direct downloads from the Apple store. With all the variables in personalized children’s music, downloading from the Apple Store is not an option.

Fortunately, there is a workaround to this problem. There are a couple of music players on the app store that allow you to download music and play it, or even play music store on Dropbox or Google Drive.

The best music player I have found is EverMusic:

First, download the music player from the app store.

Once you’ve downloaded the music player app, you’re ready to download the music to your iPhone or iPad. Just aim your camera at the QR Code in your booklet and click through to the download.

Click “download” to download the music zip file to your iPhone or iPad:

Note: The screen may just go black after you touch the download button. That's normal. Proceed to the next step.

Find the Files icon on your phone and press it.

The music file will be in the “Downloads” folder.

Tap on the Downloads file and open it.

Now tap on the Zip file and uncompress it. A regular folder will appear:

Now press and hold the regular folder until the options menu shows up. Select move:

The screen on the left will open. Select “On My Phone,” then the “Evermusic” folder:

Make sure that you put the music folder in the main “Evernote” folder and not a subfolder. Then tap the “Move” button at the top:

Now open your music player and select File from the menu at the bottom. The personalized album should now be showing. Click open the file and start playing the music: